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Birth of a child is a natural act.    Abortion is an unnatural act. Abortion interrupts the birth process removing the growing baby from the mother’s womb. It not only kills the child but the relationship between mother and child is torn apart. The mother knowingly or not suffers from this loss. If not aborted the baby will be able to come to full term and be born. 


Approximately three little babies lost their lives to abortion since you began reading this website! Those are the numbers and the numbers are mind-boggling. But an unborn child’s life is not a number. He or she may not have yet been issued a social security card, but his or her identification is far more permanent at the moment of conception than that - because every single thing that child will be someday is contained in the DNA that is that beautiful tiny life. As scientists develop new discoveries and the ultra sound techniques continue to improve, it is increasing more difficult to argue that a mother’s womb contains anything but her child.


Abortion has a devastating effect on the mother who decides to abort. Her child is taken from her womb. She knowingly or unknowingly, suffers the loss and in some way will grieve this loss. 


The Board of Directors of Grand Strand Citizens for Life, committed as any pro-life organization in America to bringing an end to the practice of abortion on demand, believes that the most effective way to convey our message - encouraging people to “Make The Life Choice” - is to celebrate life with heartwarming stories about what happens when people choose life. Our media campaign for the last several years has focused on such stories. You can read our ads and listen to our radio commercials just by clicking the navigation bar above (Messages of Life). 


 The price America is paying for this genocide is almost too much to bear, for in the process of killing 64,000,000 babies as a form of “post-intercourse birth control,” we are killing the future of America. We cannot not allow this tragedy to take continue.  America will be a better place when all our citizens who support abortion turn to life as a solution.  It’s time to choose.


We pray you’ll “Make The Life Choice”

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